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Tina Escaja

en Español
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Title: "One, Great, Free"
Codes, Flash and editing: Tina Escaja
Voice and English translation: Helen Wagg
Museo Vostell Malpartida, Cáceres.

lie, a false identity that unites, a perverse partnership that constrains.
One does not exist. It is not. We are many and scattered. We are varied and infinite, and all subjected to
fallacy, the ritual of another’s dream that dominates, that seduces, that explodes and kills.

that we be many.
that we be more.
let us decide against.

weaving the blue, the red, and the star spangled,
the white that destroys, and then thinks it over,
and as it speaks, it tears apart.
obese avatar that controls and crashes,
the colossal stubbornness that fornicates with its own overblown illusion
that attacks and flattens with its huge buttocks,
buttocks of a vile god by design and brochures.

Great the nepalm flash that burns.
Great the erected bars that impale.
Great the illusion and the gigantic farce as is its convenient blindness.

Great the lie and its fall face down amidst the shattered glass of the false chimeras.

you are not, not now, we are not. Ask the oppressed, the enslaved.
All false and reversed.

Wake up.

Translation and voice by Helen Wagg

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Imagen: MJ Tobal
Códigos y arreglos: Tina Escaja
Museo Vostell Malpartida, Cáceres.